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1.   The Tests - You get online access to Australia's leading career guidance software - "Career Voyage"...  PLUS 2 powerful, online personality assessments. You get at least 40 job suggestions which we narrow down to the top 3 in the consultation.


The Personal Consultation - You get an in-depth 50 minute 1 -1 consultation with an Australian careers expert - not just the vague automated reports many websites offer.


The Approach - Friendly, trustworthy, empowering and respectful. 


The Consultant - You get a highly qualified, experienced career consultant - a Masters degree in Career Guidance and over 6 years of professional experience including corporate career transition programs and university-based career workshops.

“Very in-depth, practical tips and a genuine, obvious passion for career counselling and helping others.”
Jaye Thomas - former client

“Mitch has adopted a comprehensive, holistic approach to clarifying a suitable career direction. He also provides highly useful material for later re-evaluation and has many innovative suggestions to add value to the overall process.”
Claire Tune - former client

5.The Bonuses - You get incredible bonuses not found with any other career test:
  • A second person can also do Career Voyage for no extra charge!
  • Complete Career Direction Guide & Workbook (72 pages)
  • Complete Job Search Guide & Toolkit (77 pages)
  • 4 Audio Downloads - includes "Career Tips Your Boss Will Never Tell You" and "Recruitment Industry Experts Reveal All"
  • Skills Checklist  – a 9 page 160-item skills checklist
  • 4 Sample Resumes - Word document templates from a globally published award -winning resume writer
  • 4 Inspiring Ebooks and over 20 crucial career reports
6.The Guarantee - You get results. No "ifs" or "buts." We exceed your expectations or your money back! Absolutely no risk for you.

7.The Value - You get superb value for money - Regular low price is $129 but for now ................................just    $87
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1. The Tests


More than just a career test, Career Voyage is a world leading career guidance software system developed and refined specifically for Australia. It is currently used by more than 700 major organisations across the country.

This interactive program will develop your occupational interests profile and job factors profile (preferred working conditions, talents, working hours etc.) and suggest 40 ranked occupations for you to consider. Information on each occupation, including customised pros and cons, is provided.

You can engaged the program several times playing "what if" by changing your inputs and the level at which you engage it (e.g. you can choose jobs normally requiring no qualifications, TAFE qualifications, or university qualifications).

Career Voyage has only just recently become available online and can only be accessed when offered with support by an accredited career professional. The provider of this career service, Mitch Lawrie, is a qualified Career Voyage counsellor AND Accreditation Trainer. He has trained well over a hundred other career counsellors in the last 3 years to use Career Voyage.

  • Clear, specific and helpful reports.
  • User friendly - people find it fun to do!
  • Australian database of jobs and training updated annually to reflect the changing job market.
  • The result of many years and millions of dollars of research and development at JIIG-CAL Australia and the University of Edinburgh. Supporting research data, including validity and reliability are available.
  • Suitable for all ability levels, from university graduate level to minimal education and training.

  • Broadens horizons by suggesting jobs often not heard of before.
  • Can also provide input on exisiting ideas while providing backup options
  • Can quickly research the database of jobs to see how they compare to your profile
  • For a limited time you will receive passwords allowing TWO people unlimited use of Career Voyage for 3 months!
Professional Reviews:
"At Meadowbank TAFE in Sydney, the team of TAFE counselling psychologists has been using a range of career related software. We have found that in the area of the assessment of career preferences and the generation of appropriate jobs, Career Voyage is easily the best."
Gary Flynn
Senior TAFE counsellor, Meadowbank TAFE, Sydney NSW.

"We used Career Voyage as a starting point in a recent big staff re-deployment exercise and found it extremely useful. It opens up a whole lot of fresh ideas that we and our redeployees would probably never otherwise have considered."
Sarina Cuttone
Counsellor, Western Power WA.

(B) NEO Personality Assessment

What kind of person are you? Do you like to work alone or with lots of people interaction, focus on ideas or the practical realities, solve problems with logic or provide empathetic support to help others, run a tight ship with lots of structure and organization or go with the flow and stay flexible?

These are all an expression of your personality. Your personality supports success and competencies in some fields more than others. You need to know which!

This “new generation” online personality assessment instrument assesses personality on 5 broad domains and 30 subdomains and present the results in a nine page report. The Career Direction Guide contains a seven page section which enables you to interpret your personality report from a career perspective.

This assessment has been used by more than 20,000 people around the world.

(C) Personality Type Assessment
This assessment is based on Jung's personality theory. Type theory suggests that human behaviour is not random. On the basis of your answers to this test you are placed in one of sixteen types. What type you are says a lot about you - your likes and dislikes, your career tendencies, your compatibility with others, and so on.

Once you know your type we guide you to a large amount of information 
on the net regarding your type and your career.

We recommend two online Jung Typology assessments to help confirm your exact type.

2. The Personal Consultation

In your 50-minute in-depth personal consultation we focus on your unique situation and needs.

Depending on what your needs are, consultations include:

  • Carefully listening to your current career ideas and "career story" to date.
  • Interpreting and integrating your test results to heighten your self-awareness
  • Coaching you to identify your key goals, blocks, and action targets
  • Helping you identify your top options based on all assessments and discussions
  • Guiding you in using online databases to find suitable short or long courses
  • Diagnosing blocks in your job search process
  • Suggesting job search strategies which match your job targets & coaching you in the essentials
  • Reviewing your current resume and instructing you how to improve it
  • Answering any questions you have!
We call you at our  expense for all personal consultations. (If you are in Sunshine Coast area face-to-face consults are available.) 

3. The Approach

How your consultant interacts with you is important.  

Our approach emphasizes:
  • Being friendly and helpful
  • Being trustworthy and confidential
  • Respecting your hopes and dreams whilst assisting you to be practical in the real world
  • Not just testing! We empower you to create your future and succeed in the job market

4. The Consultant

Mitch Lawrie    
  • Master of Education in Career Guidance, QUT
  • Professional Member of the Australian Association of Career Counsellors (AACC)
  • Certified MBTI® Personality Indicator Practitioner 
  • Certified Lifeline Counsellor
  • Further postgraduate studies in leadership, human resource management and group dynamics
  • Over 15 years experience in the development of interactive personal and career development programs
In addition to his founding roles with Career-Wise Australia and Career Pro, Mitch is Director of Career Services for the EastCoast Human Resource Group. He is also trains and accredits numerous career counsellors in the use of the  “Career Voyage” career guidance software for JIIG-CAL Australia

Since 2001 Mitch has been working as a professional career consultant with clients of all ages. He has successfully provided career support services to numerous individuals and organisations, such as TAFE, Brisbane City Council, Energex, Jupiters Casino, FKP and Queensland Rail. He also runs career direction and job search workshops at the University of Queensland through their public ICTE courses.

Mitch has had a diverse and rewarding career which in his 20's and early 30's took him all over the world and through many different working experiences including photojournalism in Hawaii, lecturing on leadership in Russia, and facilitating international services projects in Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Guatemala. Over the last 12 years his career has taken in the corporate, government and community sectors in Australia.

5. The Bonuses


This thought-provoking manual will provide insights and practical assistance to equip you to become an active creator of your future rather than just another cog in the economy.

The Complete Career Direction Guide includes:

The global economy and your career - what you need to be prepared for!

Four life game plans you must know in the 21st century.

How to combine rational planning, real world testing, and whole-self reflection for solid career-life decision-making

Powerful seven step process for determining your career direction

Recognising and addressing your self-sabotages

Comprehensive self assessment tools – current influences, essential requirements, blindspots (colleague feedback), life balance, perceived career success constraints, work values, interests and natural abilities plus the online personality assessments

Definging success and developing a deep sense of career purpose which can help you navigate changes

Strategies and resources for finding, exploring, and evaluating hidden career options and opportunities

Tapping into the power of people connections, information interviews and career experiments

Finding information on occupations, industries, and study courses - all the databases you need

Decision making tools, goal setting and action planning

Extensive links to online career resources to continue your learning



Ask any recruiter... most people make unnecessary mistakes and don't do themselves justice in the job search process. Don't be one of them. The best person doesn’t get the job… the best job hunter does!

There are 7 job search strategies. Most people waste their time with one of the least effective strategies... chasing advertised positions! Over 70% of jobs are never advertised. Furthermore very few of the really good jobs ever appear in a newspaper or on the job websites.

If you don't have clear, step-by-step strategies for going after the hidden job market you are missing out on many of the best jobs!

The Complete Job Search Guide includes:

Crucial job search targeting - how to identify what you really want, what you have to offer, and what your options are

The proven job search strategies that few know how to apply properly – your secret advantage in the job hunt!

Common job search pitfalls to avoid

Job search tips that can cut your job search time in half

What employers want! The "walk" and the "talk" you need to know

The complete how-to of Personal AND Strategic networking (they're different!)

Powerful enquiry and application letters for the private and public sectors

Modern targeted resumeshow-to information, samples, action and benefit statements - appropriate for Australia ... NOT U.S. style!

Selection criteria writing – a powerful, unique seven step process you must know

Everything about job interviews - 5 steps to prepare your answers, 4 strategies to prepare your mind, 31 key tips and a Before, During and After checklist for the interview itself.

Approaching your job search without knowing these things is making it unnecessarily tough on yourself!


  1. Job Search Secrets Revealed - TWO Separate Interviews with Recruitment Industry Experts (Audio Recording Download) – Each with over 20 years experience in the Australian recruitment industry my insiders reveal all. This is a rare, reliable, no BS perspective from the trenches that can benefit all job seekers. My contacts talk frankly about what to do and what NOT to do for a successful job search.  You MUST hear this!

  2. Career Tips Your Boss will NEVER Tell You!  (Audio Recording Download) – a concise, down-to-earth expose of the most important things you must remember for your career success in the 21st century.

  3. Job Search Tips You Should Never Forget (Audio Recording Download) – a to the point summary of the most crucial tips for a successful job search.

  4. General Skills Checklist  – a 9 page 160-item skills checklist especially relevant to white collar workers.

  5. Four Sample Resumes (Word documents) from a globally published award -winning resume writer.

  6. Four Inspiring Ebooks
    A Life on Fire - Living your life with passion, balance and prosperity (116 pages)
    The Confidence Booster - 25 powerful tips (8 pages)
    Guaranteed Sucess Thinking (27 pages)
    Ultimate Techniques for Time Management (60 pages)

  7. Over 20 exclusive reports from contributing Australian experts including:

The Real Deal – How to Negotiate the Salary Package You are Worth!
Love Variety? Discover the New World of “Portfolio Careers”
The Final Hurdle – How to ensure your referees make you look like a million dollars!
12 Powerful Strategies for Exploring Your Career & Life Options
Recovering Your Passion – Tips for creating more meaning & fun in your work

PLUS 100's of pages more all written by career professionals and most of them only available online here!

How good are Career-Wise resources and programs?

Consider this... our systems are of such quality that many career professionals around Australia pay to licence and use our programs with their clients! (This is through another business we run under the name "Career Pro.")

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from our colleagues...

Reviews of Career-Wise programs by other career professionals

We were impressed by the way you have put it all together in a user-friendly package and would certainly recommend your product... as it is a fantastic core resource.

Karen Infanti - Student Career Coordinator, Central TAFE, WA

The manuals were well laid out, full of comprehensive material and easy to use. I really appreciated all the extras that were thrown in!  To anybody thinking of purchasing these programs I’m sure you’ll find they are well worth every cent.” 

Sean Reddell - Managing Director,
 Blaze Unlimited, Career  Coaching  and  HR  Consultancy

"Drawing on years of research and experience, and inviting contributions from other experienced career practitioners, Mitch Lawrie has compiled a high-quality, comprehensive resource..."

Suzanne Davidson MAICD, AACC - Director, Life Artistry TM

It covered everything! What I expected and more. Excellent manuals, thorough, well organised, and great tips for success.”

Kaye Walsh (Employment Consultant with a Job Network organization)

"Rather than being just another career book or stand alone assessment it provides a comprehensive, flexible system of career resources.

In developing my own resources over the years, it’s evident that a lot of work and time has gone into the development."

Lois Keay-Smith - Editor of the WA AACC Newsletter
Principal of Career Wisdom


Take a full 6 months to use your Career-Wise program.

If for any reason your not satisfied let us know. We’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your entire payment

That's a 6 month "no-worries" 100% money-back guarantee - and that’s a promise.

Your benefit? Complete peace of mind when you use Career-Wise.

We look forward to assisting you with your career!

Kind regards


Mitch Lawrie M.Ed (Career Guidance) AACC
Senior Career Consultant

Director - Premium Horizons Pty Ltd

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